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  • Commercial Drip Irrigation | GPH Irrigation | Fontana, California

    Commercial and Residential Landscape Solutions ​ 17mm Insert Fittings Compatible with all brands of 17mm Inline or PE blank tubing ​​ Universal Insert Drip Fitting Prop 65 The GPH Vision Responsible Manufacturing

  • heavywallcutsheet

    Spray Accessories > Products > ) Valve ID Tags GPH's Valve ID Tags are manufactured in two sizes; the standard yellow and large reclaimed standard colors. We keep a large inventory of the stock alpha-numeric options (ex. A1-A99) and have quick turnaround on all custom requirements. ​ Features ​ Easy Installation by slipping the wire though the hole (up to 12 guage) Manufactured from a Engineering Grade UV stabilized Behr Desopan material Individual hot-stamped for maximum contrast and visiblility ​ ​ ​​ Part Numbers Vavle ID Tags ​ Images Click on an image to enlarge Other Spray Accessories Click on an image to view product

  • SepcFlow SL Series

    Spec Flow SL Series The SpecFlow SL Series emitters bring ISO compliant Cv pressure compensation to the SL configuration. The series was designed to fill the need for a top quality pressure compensating ½" FIPT inlet x ¼" barbed outlet configuration. Engineered with a integrated self-sealing screen which eliminates the need for teflon tape. Performance guaranteed with the industry-first chloramine stabilized silicone diaphragm. The SpecFlow SL Series answers the call for a commercial grade threaded emitter. ​ Features Velocity Self-Cleaning Mechanism purges at every start-up ensuring reliable operation and less maintenance with out a hydraulic penalty. Self sealing screen eliminates teflon tape. ISO compliant CV performance and wide pressure compensation range (5-50 psi) delivers more consistent emission uniformity over a wide range of inlet pressures and undulating terrain. Color coded for easy identification. Engineering grade plastic and chloramine stabilized silicone diaphragm provide reliable performance in the toughest UV and chemical conditions. ​ Click here for product demo. Operating Range Flow Rates: 0.5GPH - 4GPH Pressure Compensation: 5-50 PSI Filtration: 80 Mesh Part Numbers Images Click on an image to enlarge Specifications GSL Spec

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